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Security Experts Share BlackPOS Experience

Two security experts have shared a recent experience investigating the BlackPOS malware that is at the center of the growing merchant data-breach crisis.

In an interview with KrebsOnSecurity, a technology security blog that has been investigating the data breaches, Tom Arnold and Paul Guthrie of cybersecurity investigation firm PSC said that the malware demonstrated a high level of sophistication and appeared to be tailor-made to attack common types of point-of-sale technology.

“If you look at what it captures, it captures only the track data [information stored on the magnetic strip on the backs of cards]. So it’s actually very, very sophisticated, and that’s why I think this isn’t just a teenage hacker who put this together in his basement. I think this is a more sophisticated development effort,” Arnold remarked.

It also appears that the hackers used multiple levels of encryption to mask their activities and measures to mask the malware from internal safety mechanisms.

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