Square Cash’s New Lease on Life

Square is now singing the Bluetooth Blues, having rolled out on Tuesday (Oct. 7) an iOS 8 BLE-empowered way to send cash to nearby people, called Nearby Payments.

“Cash users can configure their nearby visibility in the updated app so that they’re visible only to their contacts or to everyone. The latter would make sense in larger groups, like when you’re splitting the bill at a table where you don’t have all the parties in your own address book, for example,” said a TechCrunch story.

“The Cash app for peer-to-peer payments originally grew out of the way some portion of Square users were interacting with the company’s flagship application and card reader. That is, they were using to to split tabs or for paying back friends after large group purchases of some kind. But with Cash, users can transfer money back and forth for free, instead of incurring the charges associated with credit card payments,” the story said.