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Taking Compliance from Barrier to Enabler in Global Payments

Over the last 20 years, as banks, retailers, and international online payments have gone digital, technological advancements have sparked major changes in global payments. The flow of goods, services and finance reached $26 trillion in 2012, and that number could triple in the coming decade, says a McKinsey report. As the pace of communications technology quickens, “the world’s rising levels of international trade marches in step with it,” and a number of new players have joined the space, says Currency Cloud.

On Tuesday, November 18th at 1:00 PM (EST), MPD CEO Karen Webster will host a live digital discussion with Todd Latham, VP of Marketing, and John Hammond, Chief Commercial Officer at Currency Cloud to understand the role of APIs, compliance, and banks have played in overcoming barriers in international payments.


In this digital discussion, you will also learn:

  • The payments landscape: Global payments in 21st Century
  • How FinTech’s movement in Europe and the U.S. has changed the international payments conversation
  • New technologies and innovations in the space, and the significance of the movement towards APIs
  • Three key things companies should look for to establish trust before abandoning traditional payment methods and signing on with new, innovative products
  • Where virtual currency sits (will sit) in the future of payments
  • Why compliance has become key in the global payments process and will continue to challenge the way money moves









Todd Latham
VP, Marketing at Currency Cloud

Todd lies awake at night thinking, “What do our customers want?” He is fascinated – genuinely fascinated – at how technology is transforming people’s lives for the better. Throughout his career he has had first hand experience of how trends like mobile, cloud computing and digital are revolutionising the way we interact with money.  A bit of a nerd at heart, Todd loves analysing data and using the insights to deliver a first rate customer experience, because happy customers are at the heart of what makes a company grow.

Todd has extensive experience in the technology and financial services sectors, where he has delivered marketing, product and customer experience strategies internationally for some of the world’s largest brands. Prior to joining The Currency Cloud, Todd led European Customer Marketing for American Express’s Corporate Payments division, where he was responsible for driving expansion opportunities, developing product line strategies and leading key partnerships. In his early career Todd held a series of marketing and strategy roles at Microsoft.



John Hammond
Chief Commercial Officer, Currency Cloud

With a career in enterprise IT that is longer than he cares to admit, John has witnessed the shift from on premise solutions to virtualisation, cloud and software-as-a-service.  John joined Currency Cloud from Rackspace where he headed up the Cloud and Acquisition sales departments.  He believes that the rise of self-service, online, instantaneous IT is fundamentally changing how the world conducts business, and that this is the most exciting time in the IT industry so far.






Karen Webster
CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

Karen Webster is one of the world’s leading experts on payments, commerce and retail innovation and a strategic advisor to CEOs and Boards of multinational players in those sectors. As CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, she works extensively with the most innovative players in the payments, financial services, mobile, retail, B2B, digital media and technology sectors to help them maximize the value of their platform assets, design disruptive new business models and ignite and monetize new innovation. Karen also serves as a member of the advisory board for several emerging companies.









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