Another All-In-One Smart Payment Card Enters Market

An all-purpose EMV-like chip card packing storage capabilities for credit, debit and loyalty card needs is promising to solve all wallet problems at once.

The CSR1013 technology developed by CSR, a wireless technology solutions company, is now being employed by hardware and software solutions company BrilliantTS to create an all-in-one payment card.

“Customers often need to carry multiple cards around with them, which adds an element of frustration when shopping. We wanted to make this all-in-one card thinner and improve the overall consumer experience,” said Jaehun Bae, CEO at BrilliantTS. “To make this possible we needed to develop a card which was the same size as a standard EMV card and did not need to be constantly charged. CSR1013 helped us to achieve this with the built-in security that Bluetooth Smart provides.”

Considering the ever-growing number of payment and loyalty cards in a shopper’s wallet, the all-in-one smart card has been designed to store up to 30 cards, including not just credit and debit but also transportation, magnetic, NFC, one-time passwords and various applications, in its 128KB memory.

At 0.35mm, the chip, which is technically the heart of the card, has been designed using the same standards as that of an EMV card to ensure compatibility with existing POS and ATM systems, according to a company press release.

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