Chase Bank Embraces TouchID

Across the payments and banking space, there’s been one type of tech that is becoming almost second nature for consumers: fingerprint TouchID.

Now, Chase has embraced TouchID and has added the biometric login as an option on its iPhone app, according to 9to5Mac, which noted this move came close to a year after the TouchID was added as an option for apps in its new operating system. With this new upgrade, Chase customers will be asked upon login if that customer would like to add TouchID. A password is still needed for some further aspects of the app, but for many, the ease of TouchID will be a quicker mode to login to the most basic banking essentials.

According to the report, Chase’s iPad app does not quite allow for the same TouchID support, nor does it allow for it on any of the newer iPads, including the iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3.

As for other notable card networks that have embraced TouchID, American Express already had updated its app to accept the tech last December, when it announced Touch ID was now supported for Amex commercial cards as well as personal accounts.

TouchID isn’t new – in fact it was first launched in September of 2013 as “an innovative way to simply and securely unlock your phone with just the touch of a finger.” A year later, it was part of the magic of Apple Pay. And in Jan. 15, the iCloud-based TouchID patent was submitted. This patent takes fingerprints out of the phone and into the cloud, literally. The patent filing describes a scenario that, among other things, allows a customer to use Apple Pay at a merchant’s Touch ID-equipped point-of-sale terminal with just their fingerprint and PIN, but without the smartphone being present.

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