E-Complish Gives Loyal Partners Free MobilePay Service

Payments solution provider E-Complish has said it will offer its partner base that has been with the company for at least three years free access to MobilePay, its Web-based payment solutions service.

In an announcement on Monday (Sept. 28), E-Complish said that as much as 80 percent of its partners would be eligible under the promotion to receive the free payment technology offering, with the attendant ability to allow customers to pay for items through the use of a mobile tablet or other device.

[bctt tweet=” E-Complish has said it will offer its partner base that has been with the company for at least three years free access to MobilePay.”]

In a statement that accompanied the release, Stephen Price, chief executive officer of the company, said that “E-Complish is grateful to have so many loyal business partners that rely on our services, and we wanted a way to show our appreciation. After seeing the significant increase in customer usage of mobile devices on our client’s HostPay sites, we knew MobilePay would be an extremely beneficial tool for their businesses and customers.” The MobilePay platform lets users detect when a mobile device is being used and then transmits a user-friendly version of a merchant’s HostPay site. The upgrade to MobilePay is expected to be substantially completed by the end of this year.

The company said that the accelerating growth of the mobile payments industry has been projected to be from $172 billion this year to as much as $1 trillion in two years, globally. The mobile segment has now been a majority of use, with a 70/30 split. Separately, other research earlier in 2015 shows that millennials are driving mobile eCommerce growth, with 40 percent of that demographic using a mobile platform to shop, compared to a relatively smaller ratio of 30 percent of adults in general. Data by region, however, shows that mobile payments as an industry is gaining surprising traction in countries that have conventionally been seen as slow to market. Some retailers, such as Starbucks, have been seeing outsized uptake in mobile.

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