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GM Uses Its Cars To Drive eCommerce

Detroit-based general motors is hoping to help its cars be equipped to ride on the information super-highway as well as they ride on the regular highway with an expansion of its OnStar service that will allow drivers to get coupons from local retailers and make hotel reservations. Called AtYourService, it was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas Sunday (January 4) and will soon go live as an option for OnStar’s six million or so subscribers.

“These are people looking for places to go,” said Rick Ruskin, head of marketing for OnStar’s online consumer initiative. “OnStar’s AtYourService starts to tap into what to do when you get there.”

GM’s move comes as tech industry mega-players like Google and Apple are trying to hitchhike in cars and turn them into arenas for marketing to (captive) consumers.  More evidence of the collaborations between automakers and tech enthusiasts will be on display through out the week at the CES.


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