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Mozido Partners To Enable Mobile Pay At The Table

Mozido, a provider of trusted digital commerce and payment solutions, has partnered with TabbedOut — a mobile payment option for the restaurant industry — to bring an improved consumer dining experience while paying via a mobile phone.

Besides mobile payments, TabbedOut allows consumers to find deals, locate restaurants, order and review an itemized check by mobile. Now, with Mozido by its side, the app will be able to provide features for consumers that allow them to join wait lists, make reservations, split the bill and pay. The partnership expands the offerings of both Mozido and TabbedOut and will be provided as a branded application for venues with multiple locations.

“Mozido and TabbedOut are improving the way consumers find places to eat and drink, redeem valuable and relevant offers, place their orders and pay,” said Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido. “We are proud to be mobilizing the hospitality industry together with our partner TabbedOut.”

Because TabbedOut integrates with most major point-of-sale systems, the payment process is seamless from both a consumer and restaurant perspective. Mozido’s role in the partnership will be to improve location services that will integrate with reservation and wait list systems, personalized and merchant-branded offers, loyalty rewards and advance menu ordering.

Besides providing consumers with a more seamless payment experience, TabbedOut allows restaurants/bars to receive business analytics using TabbedOut’s Periscope CRM. Mozido will incorporate TabbedOut’s POS integration, itemized receipts and frictionless payment into its own mobile application services.

“Mozido is a leader in providing secure, full-featured mobile solutions to Quick Service Restaurants, retail merchants, banks and mobile network operators, enabling them to better serve their customers,” said Ben Carolan, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at TabbedOut. “Partnering with Mozido enables TabbedOut to not only be the quickest and most secure way to pay but also to provide the best way to mobilize the entire restaurant and bar customer experience for our merchants. Mozido and TabbedOut will bring to market an industry-first full-cycle customized experience catered to the needs of specific brands and guest experience.”

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