NCR Greets Hospitality Industry With mPOS Solution

NCR, the consumer transaction technology business, announced in a press release the North American launch of the NCR Orderman7, its smartphone-like and newest mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution, especially made for the hospitality industry. It doesn’t take long to figure out the origin of the name Orderman7. A superhero style video on the device explains its main features with humor and clarity.

The Orderman7, which runs on Aloha Mobile in the U.S., helps employees take orders and payment anywhere - at the table or in-seats at theaters to line-bust during peak traffic periods, for example - and to quickly and easily serve guests in bars and nightclubs. NCR claims it is even easy to read its screen in sunny outdoors areas.

“Productivity gains and delivering an amazing customer experience continue to be the key drivers of technology investments in the hospitality industry,” said Paul Langenbahn, president, NCR Hospitality. “The NCR Orderman7 is ideal for restaurants and cinemas of any size looking to embrace mobile innovations and transform the customer experience.”

Clients such as Justin Smith, Director of Information Systems and Technology at Bagger Dave’s, claim the device enables greater efficiency in processing payments and covering large sections while ensuring servers do not sacrifice quality customer service.

The firm reported weak earnings in October and lowered its financial guidance as traditional POS systems, NCR’s original business, are becoming less popular. In the last year, NCR stock has fallen 11 percent and is trading below where it was 10 years ago. With the Orderman7, the newly upgraded Authentic, a transaction processing software, or its Kalpana software, a platform designed by the technology company to make ATM operations cloud-based, NCR’s new strategy is to diversify away from its traditional product lines such as ATMs.

The Orderman7 was unveiled at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show (May 16-19; NCR booth #6229) in Chicago at McCormick Place.



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