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Need To Eat Now? Has Your Back

There are few experiences in life more frustrating than being out, hungry and unable to find a table without a wait.

If is successful, it is a pain and indignity no human will ever have to endure again.

The brainchild of London-based developer Dan Cohen and Oxford student Chaiyakorn Srisakvarakul, their restaurant finding tool — using the Esri API — can find and map restaurants with open tables.

“It’s a real-time map updating on availabilities throughout the city so they can plan their life efficiently,” Srisakvarakul told TechCrunch.

The app will also soon provide live updates, care of table management software that is currently under construction with the Clover API.

The software itself will be free. Currently, the app’s monetization plan is based around advertising.

“We are solving both sides of the market,” said Cohen, referring to both consumers and restaurants. “One side wants the restaurant management software and the other wants to manage their time efficiently.”

Beyond restaurants, the two-man team at is also looking to expand their booking tools to other verticals where bottlenecks and lines can be avoided by distributing consumers better. Gyms, nightclubs and health care could also make use of this tool, according to Srisakvarakul.

“Restaurant availability is only the start. What we are planning to do is increase efficiency of the whole economy globally.”


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