Retail POS Platform Showcases Integrated eCommerce

LUMOS, a subscription-based point-of-sale system aimed at supporting smaller retailers, announced the launch of its iPad-based POS product featuring eCommerce functionality at Startup San Diego yesterday (June 15).

“Imagine being able to seamlessly track inventory quantities, customers’ sales and participation in loyalty programs from your online store and in your brick-and-mortar retail location,” the company said in a blog post explaining the system’s latest updates.

The San Diego-based startup wants to “bring the storefront online,” by helping small brick-and-mortar merchants build a strong online presence and a seamless eCommerce solution.

“A recent survey funded by PayPal shows that 64 percent of small businesses that create an online presence experience increased sales. Of the businesses surveyed, almost half thought their eCommerce site expanded their geographic sales and almost 75 percent felt their sites helped them save money,” the company release said.

LUMOS offers a wide-ranging retail management solution with functionality created specifically for small businesses, including a Web builder, inventory tracking, payments processing, cash drawer management, employee reporting, customer loyalty program, social media integration and an email marketing platform, which are all available via both Web and iPad interfaces.

“We’re so pleased to be bringing this sophisticated product to market during one of the busiest weeks in the San Diego startup community,” CEO Todd Johnson said. “As one of the high growth cities for startups, it’s an exciting place to introduce the LUMOS eCommerce system that empowers small businesses to expand and grow with its easy-to use and comprehensive POS platform.”

Starting at $40 per month, some of the turnkey system’s main features include a full-service POS application, a plug and play setup, and cloud-based security.

As the mobile POS industry continues to boom, LUMOS users may be in a good position to reap the benefits of moving away from a more traditional POS solution.

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