Shazam In-Store Turns Up Focus On SMBs

A popular media discovery app is being outfitted for small and local businesses.

Mood Media Corporation announced yesterday (Dec. 16) that it has expanded its capabilities for Shazam In-Store, allowing small and local businesses to engage with consumers using customized messages and offers sent directly to their mobile devices.

In a press release, Mood describes how Shazam In-Store (which originally launched in 2014) uses Mood’s audio beacon technology, called Presence, to allow small businesses to deliver targeted content to customers when the latter activates his or her Shazam app to identify a song or other audio.

“Many small businesses are looking for ways to tap into interactive mobile marketing, but they do not have the resources to justify developing their own app,” said David Van Epps, global chief product officer for Mood Media, in the release. “Through Mood’s innovative and exclusive technology and our partnership with Shazam, our clients now have a simple and affordable way to leverage their Mood services and integrate marketing offers with one of the world’s most popular apps. Mood’s Shazam In-Store is an ideal way to create personal mobile engagement with consumers and strengthen loyalty at the local level.”

The company outlines ways in which businesses can use Mood’s Shazam In-Store to engage with customers, including: sending coupons and offers using the Deals platform; directing customers to loyalty program signup pages, collecting email addresses and presenting opinion surveys; and linking customers to various social media platforms.

“What brings our customers in repeatedly is more than our great food. It’s our total commitment to a creative and engaging customer experience at every touch point, whether it’s in person or digital,” said Shelley Curtin, operating partner at Just Fresh (a restaurant chain in which Shazam In-Store is presently in use), in the release. “Mood is our partner for creating dynamic and fun music programs and playlists and now for generating customized mobile marketing content through their Shazam In-Store solution. These campaigns are gaining traction with our guests, and we’re excited to provide offers and additional value to Just Fresh customers in future campaigns as well.”



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