Square’s Scare: Harsh Lessons From The mPOS Unicorn

Square’s birth opened up the floodgates for mPOS to flourish. But its growing pains are also reflective of the industry’s journey from fragmentation to consolidation. While the company has achieved its first corporate milestone with the IPO, there are significant lessons to be learned from its journey. The December PYMNTS mPOS TrackerTM gleans the insights. 

mPOS Travels to Far Lands

The lure of foreign markets is upon the industry. payleven went French, SumUp launched in the U.S. and iZettle forayed into Italy. This edition brings the latest news and scoops on these movements.

Tracker Updates

We added five new players to the mPOS tracker family: Airlink, Bixolon, orderbird, Raymark and YouTransactor. Profiles of 16 existing players were updated based on partnerships, geographic expansion, pricing updates or exiting the business altogether. This month’s tracker keeps you up to date on what happened with SumUp, Lavu, AnywhereCommerce, CardFlight, ConCardis, Creditcall, Ingenico, iZettle, Miura, Monet, payleven, payworks, Revel Systems, Square, Amazon and Leaf POS.

Download the tracker here.