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TaxJar Goes Local with Square

Already integrated with Square, online sales tax filing service TaxJar has sweetened the deal by allowing for automatic adjustment of sales tax rates based on location.

The new feature allows for Square merchants to instantly find a location-based sales tax rate wherever they are selling to customers, using their mobile device’s GPS coordinates. As part of its announcement of the release, TaxJar walks users through the steps required to activate the component via their Square accounts (the necessitation of a TaxJar account being central among them). Once a user has done so, applicable sales rates can be added to transactions with a single click.

As there are almost 10,000 different sales tax jurisdictions in the U.S., TaxJar touts the new feature as being particularly advantageous for Square merchants who frequently cross state lines — such as craft fair merchants that travel from show to show, or food truck vendors that drive in and out of different sales tax districts.

Square and TaxJar have been working together since 2014, when TaxJar was one of the first apps available in the mobile payment company’s marketplace. The two companies’ initial integration helped merchants aggregate sales info across multiple channels, and automate the reporting/filing process. Their intent with this latest feature is to further simplify the daily business of Square merchants — particularly those that are on-the-go more than they are stay-at-home (or in-one-state).


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