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Wanna Shop Everywhere At Once? HeartThis Is The One App Solution

HeartThis wants to make shopping across multiple retailers easy with a smartphone.

When the new social commerce app makes its official debut today at StartX’s demo day, 300 retailers will suddenly be online together under HeartThis’s roof.

Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J Crew, and Target, among may others, will be available with one tap for app users, as will any and all promo codes available to help said shoppers save more money.

Though today is the big unveiling, technically the app has been around in the iOS app store since November of last year – it just wasn’t marketing itself yet.  However, even sans an organized marketing campaign, the app has managed to grow its user base to around a quarter million through word-of-mouth referrals.

HeartThis is not alone in the space; services like Wanelo and Wish are similar, but the new app seems to be finding a a slightly different user base than its direct competitors – females 25 to 45 years old.  That is a little older than the young millennial and even teenaged users these apps tend to attract.

“[Customers] basically told us ‘I don’t need strangers to tell me what I should be wearing. I already know who I am…I’ve established my style. Just let me browse those more efficiently,’” HeartThis co-founder and CEO Andrew Gadson told TechCrunch.“That’s what’s helped us grow with that older demographic – they don’t need the social proof quite as much,” he adds.

To use HeartThis, customers start out by selecting their favorite stores and categories of apparel. Using those initial preferences, the app then returns a Pinterest-like customized feed which gives users the option to “heart” things they like and add them to your wish list, or a collection.

Buying is of course also an option, made possible through the use of the “Buy” button, which redirects the user to the retailer’s site.

The service has been web-live since January of last year and has seen its user base increase by 100 percent month-to-month since September 2014.

The team says that after it builds a larger community of users, there will be plenty of other opportunities to monetize, including running native ads.

HeartThis has $2 million in funding, led by Freestlye Capital.


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