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Weekly Roundup — PYMNTS 'Best Of' The Week

Need a quick refresher of the week? Who doesn't. That why we've gathered up the top 10 stories that were buzzing on PYMNTS this week to give you your weekly dose of what's trending today in the payments and commerce ecosystem.

First Data IPO Filing Could Come Next Week

  • Next week could see payments firm First Data begin the first steps to raise as much as $3 billion in an initial public offering

Samsung Pay Takes Jab At Apple Pay

  • Samsung is certainly not shy about taking on Apple Pay — going as far as featuring an iPhone attempting to use Apple Pay at a merchant, only to have it rejected. Check out its latest commercial.

60 Percent Of Consumers Lack EMV Cards

  • Retailers and banks might be racing to meet the Oct. 1 EMV liability shift deadline, but most consumers are not ready for the shift, just yet.

First Data Acquires Spree Commerce

  • Global payments provider First Data is now positioning itself in the world of open source technologies.The company announced the acquisition of open source storefront platform Spree Commerce over the weekend, but the terms have yet to be disclosed.

Fed Backs NACHA's Same Day ACH

  • Faster Payments in the U.S. just got a little closer to reality. The Federal Reserve announced Sept. 23 its approval for enhancements to NACHA’s Same Day ACH solution which goes into effect a year from today.

Best Buy Brings Apple Pay In Store

  • Best Buy confirmed late last week that it has begun testing its checkout systems for NFC compatibility, opening the door for contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay to be accepted in store.

Retail Group Denies EMV Compliance Claims

  • In one of the latest volleys over EMV compliance — just as the deadline is really, finally, almost here — the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is challenging claims that retailers are not up to snuff in the transition.

Groupon Cuts Staff And Shuts Markets

  • Groupon announced. 22 it will eliminate nearly 1,100 positions within its international Deal Factory and Customer Service over the next several months as it continues its efforts to unify its global technology platforms, tools and processes.

Visa Makes Inroads On Tech Hiring 

  • Payments giant Visa has hired 1,000 of the 2,000 technology professionals it aims to bring on board by 2017, a staffing goal that is tied to an initiative to boost its digital financial services business.

Apple Pay Moves Into China

  • In a first and important step toward making Apple Pay available in China, Apple reportedly registered an entity in the Shanghai free-trade zone late last week.



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