Merchant Innovation

XBox's M-Pay Powered Virtual Mall

XBox, in the latest phase of its ongoing war with the outside world and people's stubborn desire to go there, has launched a virtual shopping destination that will make it possible not only to browse for clothes from the comfort of your own couch, but will also make it possible to try those clothes on in a virtual dressing room and then purchase them with a tap of a button within the mobile app.

The new commerce push is being carried out in concert with eCommerce retailer Von Bismark and is thus far only available to U.S. XBox customers.  The Mall - as one might expect - allows one to browse through the stores of retailers looking for clothes. If they see something they like, they can stand in front of their TV and use Kinect motion to "try it on."

Those who like the outfit can check out via Powa Technologies' PowerTag app by scanning a QR code on the screen with their mobile device. Payment details are entered into the system the first time the app is use — and from there on purchases are tap and go.

"The Mall on Xbox One is the first giant step in our vision to create more beautiful, physically engaging commerce experience, delivered through the largest piece of visual real estate you own - the living room TV," Eoghan O’Sullivan, CEO of Von Bismark, noted in a statement.



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