Amazon Moving On Its Own Killer Music App

As if Spotify didn’t already have enough on its hands to worry about with Apple Music – it seems the Swedish startup has even more competition coming its way.

According to reports in the The New York Post, Amazon executives are in the early phases of licensing talks with the music industry for a Spotify-like offering that would tentatively cost $9.99 per month. Amazon’s current musical offering, Prime Music, offers on-demand and ad-free access to about a million songs — a fraction of what is on offer from Apple or Spotify.

Amazon, if it is pursuing such a streaming service, is in the very embryonic phase, according to The Post. However, early rumors are attaching the music service to Prime’s Echo speaker, with a thought that the Echo owner might have $3 or $4 a month to spare to access to music streaming – undercutting both Apple and Spotify’s price point.