Gig App Confirms Gig Economy Here To Stay

Some call it a job, others call it a gig. In the “gig economy” that latter wins out. And now, a new app — called Gig — is embracing that ideology and mixing with the “Uber of X” concept.

London-based Gig is a platform targeted at millennials wanting to scoop up hospitality and retail shift work, and get paid in 24 hours.

Gig is similar to Coople, which is another London-based company PYMNTS profiled last week in its weekly, on-going “Uber of X” story vertical.

The on-demand Gig system of course works in the “instant gratification” lifestyle. Sure, there are the basics like immediate transportation (Uber and Lyft) and food delivery to both your office and home (Deliveroo and GrubHub), but there’s dogs on demand (Bark ’N’ Borrow), surf boards right away (StokeShare), workouts with trainers at your door (Handstand) and even legal advice (Get20) and drone photography (Shootly).

On-demand work businesses like Gig and Coople allow for a flexible lifestyle of picking up work when you want to. No minimum days, no maximum jobs.

The idea for Gig came to co-founders Daniel and Antony Woodcock when they found it tricky to staff a sushi restaurant they opened last year named Maki. Some staff were students who needed flexible hours and others just didn’t want the norma shift, whatever that was on a given day.

The brothers raised £1 million to launch the platform. Some investors are not disclosed, others include  Riaz Ladha, Chairman of Omni Group, a recruitment agency and a business in the hospitality industry.

Some say the gig economy is at its peak, others say it’s just beginning it’s career.

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