The PYMNTS 5-In-1: April 19 Daily Data Digest

As New Yorkers are going to the polls this April 19, news networks are filling time while they await the arrival of actual data. But PYMNTS has good news for the news minded — as we do every day at this bat time and this bat channel.

Today in the 5-In-1, digital security is increasingly under siege, EMV is under pressure to expand and botnets are everywhere. But that’s only the bad news – on the upside PayPal is having a great week, and some firms are even still raising big funding rounds.

Need to know more? We have it all here.

Cybercrime’s Alarming Advances 

83 | The percentage of U.S. fraud attacks that have utilized botnets. That compares to 50 percent in Europe and 40 percent in the rest of the world.

27 | The number of attacks for every 1,000 transactions conducted in 2015 Q4. That’s an 11 percent pick up over 2015 Q3, and a 215 percent increase from 2015 Q1.

Paperless B2B Invoicing Gets An Investor Push

30 million| The number of dollars B2B player Transactis picked up in its Series E Funding Round. Capital One, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, PNC and TD Bank were all equal participants in the round.

PayPal’s Good News 

15 million |  The number of transactions PayPal One Touch enables per day. Recent comScore data says One Touch contributes to PayPal’s 87.5 percent checkout conversion rate.

EMV’s Slow Roll

750,000 | The number of EMV-enabled terminals in the U.S. marketplace, representing roughly 18 to 20 percent penetration.