Things Remembered Bankruptcy Buyout

Things Remembered that the sale was completed in Enesco, a company press release, according to the company.

Online, direct mail and B2B retail operations and 176 of its stores will remain under the stuff Remembered brand.

The move will retain 1,400 jobs. Things Remembered announced that he had filed for Chapter 11 in the united states.

Bankruptcy Court in Delaware county, but the retailer of personalized gifts has already found a buyer.

According to a company press release, the retailer has entered into an agreement to sell most of its business to Enesco, which sells gifts, decorations and accessories through third – party retailers.

The agreement “will maintain a lot of work in shops, home offices, fulfillment centers and e – commerce operations “, the company also said.

When rumors of bankruptcy arose for the first time, the retailer was supposed to close most of its 400 stores.

His deal with Enesco, which has worked with various artists and brands to design and produce his own gift products, could be avoided – – and it’s just logical.

Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, Itasca, Itasca, headquartered in the United Kingdom, France, China and Hong Kong, it serves markets in Europe, america, Canada, Australia and Asia.

The agreement will allow the retailer to “reinvest in our marketing and personalization technology, and to reinvent our in – store experience,” said Nelson Tejada, CEO in a statement that points out that the company has “navigated a particularly challenging business environment in recent years.

It was a close call for the gift retailer, 40 years old, but was purchased in 2012 by Madison Dearborn’s private equity company from two other PE companies, according to a previous press release.

Like many retailers supported by PE funds, Things are in memory of debt, which Reuters reported last month about 120 million dollars.

Leadership has also been added more than once, as several top employees have come and gone in recent years, according to LinkedIn’s pages by various former executives.

Tejada made a decision last year to sell Amazon in an attempt to attract more customers.