Today In Payments: Treasury Says PPP Loan Forgiveness Coming Soon; DOJ’s Google Antitrust Lawsuit Could Come Next Week

In today’s top news, the U.S. Department of the Treasury said it would soon begin forgiving Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, and the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) antitrust suit against Google could come next week. Plus, Square launched a QR code-based self-service ordering feature for restaurants.

Treasury Says PPP Loan Forgiveness Coming Soon

The U.S. Department of Treasury said Tuesday (Sept. 29) it would soon begin forgiving loans granted under the PPP after borrowers and lenders complained that the Small Business Administration (SBA), the program’s manager, and Treasury employees have failed to respond to forgiveness requests.

Report: DOJ’s Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Could Come Next Week

Months of investigations into Google’s alleged violation of antitrust laws is expected to culminate in a lawsuit as early as next week. When the DOJ’s case against Google reaches a courtroom, prosecutors will focus on the multinational technology conglomerate’s power over internet searches.

Square Unveils QR-Code Based Ordering For Eateries

Square has unveiled a quick response (QR) code-based self-service ordering functionality for eateries harnessing Square Online in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. The feature lets customers make orders through their mobile devices, steering clear of unnecessary physical contact with staff at no further charge to the company

Amazon Explore Debuts Virtual Tours, Shopping Experiences

Amazon is launching a new feature called Amazon Explore for virtual tours of real places one can take without leaving the house. Amazon Explore works by connecting a user one-on-one with a host, allowing the host to take the user on a virtual tour of places like cultural landmarks, educational and creative events like cooking or tie-dyeing, and boutique markets for shopping.

‘What Did You Change?’ 34 Payments Execs Weigh In On Payments, The Pandemic And New Possibilities

We’re headed into the final quarter of a year like no other. Time to look back at life just before the pandemic and how it changed the payments space. It’s no surprise that companies across verticals have had to make changes, great and small, to the ways they meet consumers. We asked 34 payments CEOs and C-suiters about the single most significant changes they made over the last six months. The responses were far-ranging, contemplative and even hopeful.

NEW REPORT: How Voice Assistants Help Win Consumer Spend — And Their Trust

Eighty-three percent of consumers say they plan to keep shopping with merchants they’ve discovered during the pandemic even after things return to normal. But retaining the business of these customers takes more than just a digital makeover — merchants must also earn their trust. In the Digital Shift: Consumer Trust Playbook, PYMNTS examines how merchants can win customers’ trust, loyalty — and their spend, and the role of voice assistants in helping foster both.

Super Apps Gain Ground (And Investments) Globally

The rise of the super app seems to be on the near-term horizon, fueled by the cash needed to develop functionality and launch into new markets.