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Apple iOS Leaks Hint At IoT Push

While Apple may not be the king of the Internet of Things just yet, the industry cannot deny its role in promoting the hyper-connectivity of everyday items to the Web. Its iPhone has played a significant part in fueling the ability for companies to access and analyze Big Data obtained from the device, and if the latest reports are true, it appears that the smartphone is now poised to propel the IoT even further.

New details of Apple’s latest software, iOS 9, surfaced late last week, and the leak revealed new insight into how the iPhone will play into the IoT sector. Features of the new software include a pre-installed app, “Home,” which will reportedly work as the control hub for Apple’s other IoT endeavors. Reports from Forbes described the app as playing a role similar to that of the Game Center for games apps.

Home will function as the epicenter for HomeKit products and activities and is rumored to be equipped with Siri voice-controlled activation.

Leaks of the iOS 9’s new features follow only days after rumors emerged that Apple would be delaying the launch of HomeKit until the fall. Apple denied those claims, however, adding that its rollout will begin next month. HomeKit is set to be Apple’s largest Internet of Things push yet, and while the technology will most obviously impact consumers, the tool will also likely be instrumental in adding to the Big Data that businesses depend on to anticipate and react to consumer behaviors and trends.

Apple’s new software may have other significant implications for the conglomerate’s B2B activities. According to reports, the iOS 9 will likely also be crucial in fueling Apple’s B2B efforts as experts anticipate the release of the 12-inch, workplace-enabled iPad Pro during the span of the iOS 9 release. The new software is slated to offer 2GB of Ram on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, reports said, allowing users to multitask and operate on the device faster.


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