CSI’s New Virtual Card Targets Hospitality

The hospitality sector is the latest focus of corporate card service provider CSI globalVCard, which announced Thursday (June 4) that it has struck a new partnership with BirchStreet, a procure-to-pay solutions firm that targets hotels and other demographics in the market.

In an announcement, CSI globalVCard revealed that the two companies will merge their enterprise technologies that sees BirchStreet corporate customers gain access to pay their suppliers through the CSI globalVCard payment system. It’s a doubly beneficial system, reports said, as corporate clients already operate through BirchStreet’s e-procurement platform.

The collaboration will come to fruition in the form of a software integration that brings the security, cost benefits and efficiency of e-payments and e-procurement to hospitality business buyers.

“Giving our customers access to securely make payments using CSI’s globalVCard paysystems will improve efficiency, operational processes and increase profits, in addition to making the entire procure-to-pay automation process even more inclusive and comprehensive,” said BirchStreet VP of Sales & Marketing Bill Hirsch.

Adding to that sentiment, CSI globalVCard Managing Director David Disque noted that the digital procure-to-pay solution is “a true no-touch process,” and one towards which the industry is heading.

The companies noted that their collaboration will at first focus on the hospitality sector, though it is unclear whether they play to expand the e-procurement and digital payment partnership into other industries.