T&E Management Industry Gains Another Mobile App

Travel and expense management service providers appear to be focusing on the smartphone these days. Less than one week after Fraedom launched its mobile T&E management app, another expense management platform, Traveldoo, joined the competition.

The company announced Tuesday (March 10) that its new mobile application allows corporate travelers to easily record receipts and automatically records data. Geolocation technology, voice control and digital invoicing through image capture eliminate the need for manual data input, Traveldoo said.

Travelers can also have their entire trip expense history stored on the app. “Traveldoo’s new mobile app is the first app to bring together Geolocation, voice control and digital receipts to make the expense reporting experience for corporate travelers easier and faster than ever before,” said Traveldoo VP Marketing Olivier Mindren, who added that the product aims to strengthen the company’s mobile T&E automated services.

In addition to storing expense data, the app offers an auto-complete feature that suggests data entries for the user through voice and image records.

The company said that the app will see a global release sometime this month on Android, and will reach alternative operating systems shortly thereafter.

T&E management servicers are increasingly focusing their efforts on technology development and innovation. A recent study released by TSYS and the Global Business Travel Association revealed that corporate travelers still largely struggle to complete their expense reports following a business trip, and that corporate T&E cards do not necessarily prevent out-of-pocket expenses for the traveler.

The study also found, however, that the majority of travel managers are interested to learn how mobile solutions could improve business expense reporting.

TSYS senior project development manager Christina Hall told PYMNTS last month that improved mobile T&E management solutions will be crucial for the future of corporate travel.

“I would definitely encourage issuers of programs and cards to really focus on integrating mobile-based solutions in a seamless way, not only for accessing card account information but also for managing and maintaining images for receipts – and even potentially their routing, submission and approval process for expense report management,” she said. “Those would be big wins for any commercial issuer looking to improve their programs.”