TSYS’ ProPay Gets Global Enhancements

Secure credit card and ACH payment processing solutions provider ProPay, owned by TSYS, is upgrading its disbursements and commission payments facilitation platform, the company said this week.

In an announcement, ProPay said it can now facilitate these transactions across borders and across channels. Recipients of payments can get paid via globalEFT, wire, debit or prepaid card, and the solution enables real-time or expedited commissions transfers. Users of the solution can integrate ProPay into their own web portals with their own brands, and customers can make payments in their own currencies.

“Our newly expanded disbursements platform provides broader paying power,” explained ProPay president Dave Duncan in a statement. “Companies can now push funds globally to distributors and consultants in more than 180 countries and regions and in 130-plus currencies.”

“ProPay is a single point of integration for all things payments,” added ProPay vice president Mike Cottrell. “You deal with one company, and we’ve been doing this for decades, so your business is in good hands.”

Last year, ProPay announced a new partnership with Tabs3 Software to address the payments needs of law firms, and enabling those clients to receive payments more quickly and electronically. That integration enables law firms to sign up online to accept payments from their own clients via electronic funds transfers, debit or credit card payments.

Also last year, ProPay inked another partnership with Info Trax to help corporate customers battle fraud via ProPay’s Guardian CyberShield solution. The tool integrates into Info Trax’s DataTrax software to identify fraud and reduce chargeback costs, the companies said at the time.

“We are seeing bands of sophisticated criminals targeting Direct Selling companies,” said Mark Rawlins, chief executive officer of InfoTrax. “Understanding how these groups work and helping our clients avoid these pitfalls have always been a part of InfoTrax’s commitment as a software provider. Working with ProPay to have this directly integrated with our enterprise solution creates one more layer of protection embedded in our service.”