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Zoho Debuts Digital Signature App For Corporates

Business operating system firm Zoho has introduced a new solution for its corporate clients. The company said Friday (July 14) that it is rolling out Zoho Sign, a way for companies to electronically sign legally binding contracts.

Zoho Sign is offered via online and mobile platforms and integrates with the rest of the firm’s suite of services, including its CRM solution. Businesses can electronically sign for approvals and agreements within these Zoho services, or use the tool to sign documents from third parties like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The solution also includes a way to send an electronic document for someone else to sign digitally and return. In its announcement, Zoho identified several use cases for the tool, including partner agreement and contracts, or invoice processing. The tool is geared for small businesses and larger enterprises alike, the firm added.

“Digital signature is a popular utility, and its value goes up significantly when it is contextually integrated with business applications,” said Zoho chief evangelist Raju Vegesna in a statement. “At Zoho, we offer the broadest business applications on the market, and Zoho Sign fits right into the mix, making digital signature contextual and seamless.”

This year Zoho launched a new payment solution, Zoho Checkout, that enables businesses to be paid online without the need for a website or payment processing hardware. That tool is part of Zoho’s broader Finance Suite.

A few months later, the company launched Zia, an artificial intelligence-based CRM solution developed to help sales people identify the best time to reach out to potential new customers while automating daily processes.



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