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Google Cloud Collabs On Enterprise Analytics With ThoughtSpot

Google Cloud has announced a partnership with artificial intelligence and data analytics firm ThoughtSpot to develop cloud analytics solutions for the enterprise.

In a press release issued on Tuesday (Nov. 13), Google Cloud said it has certified ThoughtSpot to operate its in-memory calculation engine, Falcon, on the Google Cloud Platform. The company also revealed additional integrations into the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Collectively, the companies said they are focusing on data analytics challenges brought on by the trend of organizations adopting multiple clouds. ThoughtSpot solutions enable businesses to analyze data across their clouds, as well as on-premise systems, and hybrid public/private clouds.

“As we move into a new world characterized by multiple clouds, enterprises need new ways to harness the insights siloed and locked away in these different data sources if they truly want to revolutionize their business,” said ThoughtSpot CEO Sudheesh Nair in a statement. “By partnering with Google Cloud, we’re giving every enterprise employee an unprecedented ability to tap into the collective power of all their cloud data sources to find answers and make decisions.”

Deepened integrations with the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine will enable businesses’ data science teams to streamline operations, as well as open up sophisticated data science capabilities to business professionals even if they are not data scientists, the firms noted.

“Customers want to take advantage of their existing IT investments, but they also want the agility and velocity that cloud computing provides,” said Google Cloud Director of Product Management Sudhir Hasbe in another statement. “Our partnership with ThoughtSpot gives customers the ability to quickly run analytics and machine learning workloads at scale while enabling a bridge to multi-cloud environments.”

Google has been pushing deeper into enterprise cloud operations for several years. In 2016, Google acquired Apigee Corp., a firm that provides API analytics and gateways for the enterprise. It was seen as a strategic deal for Google as it looked to position itself against enterprise cloud giants like Oracle and IBM, while other rivals Amazon and Microsoft also continue to press further into the enterprise cloud space.



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