HP Fights Cyber-Risk Linked To Billions Of Enterprise Devices

HP is deploying a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering to enhance corporate customers’ risk management and IT security, the company said Tuesday (April 10).

In collaboration with professional services firm Aon, HP is rolling out an enterprise cybersecurity solution that includes hardware security protection, risk assessment and remediation, incident response and cyber-insurance options. HP’s DaaS solution links businesses with multi-OS (operating system) device management support and risk analytics capabilities, the firms explained.

According to HP and Aon, the new solution is a response to the rising number of devices and operating systems used within the enterprise.

“While providing increased productivity and efficiency, this explosion of endpoints can significantly increase cyber-risk exposures,” the companies said in their announcement, adding that HP estimates companies will have 9 billion devices in use by 2020, averaging four devices per user.

The joint solution will link clients with cybersecurity assessments and offer customers access to Aon’s cyber-insurance solution and incident response services. HP’s DaaS will support businesses in their decision-making process when choosing devices and operating systems for their workforce, with HP providing analytics to uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities in organizations’ current fleet of devices.

“This strategic collaboration with HP further develops Aon’s initiative and industry-leading approach to cyber-risk management,” said Aon Chief Operations Officer John Bruno in a statement. “The comprehensive solution that we are jointly developing is unique in providing enterprises with the holistic approach needed to manage the technical aspects of endpoint security and business continuity, while improving overall security posture and minimizing financial exposure with options for enhanced coverage.”

“Corporate IT customers are grappling with unprecedented complexity across their organizations, often struggling to manage the proliferation of device types, operating systems and security threats across the enterprise,” added HP President, Americas Region, Christoph Schell in another statement. “HP is stepping up with industry-leading services that solve these problems and unlock value. Combining Aon’s deep cybersecurity capabilities and risk management solutions with HP’s world-class security features and device management capabilities through HP DaaS further enhances our ability to meet changing customer needs.”