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Showpad Adds Apple Augmented Reality Tech For B2B eCommerce

B2B sales solutions provider Showpad is launching what it claims to be the industry’s first augmented reality (AR) solution designed to help suppliers demonstrate products to corporate customers.

Announced today (July 11), Showpad’s AR capabilities are rolling out to help vendors use 3D models and Apple‘s ARKit technology. The tools allow vendors to display large and complex machinery, equipment and other products to potential buyers that customers may, otherwise, not be able to accurately view and assess. Use of ARKit in Showpad’s mobile app lets customers view products in the context of their environment in real time, giving them an accurate representation of product dimensions and features, Showpad said.

“We wanted to help our customers with large, complex physical products, not only [to] tell prospects about the solutions through great digital content, but be able to show them through a truly immersive buying experience,” said Showpad CPO and Co-founder Louis Jonckheere in a statement. “Buyers want greater context and more information in their purchase experience, and AR enables them to see exactly what they’re getting. Now, they can have deeper, more interesting conversations about even the most complex products by seeing them in the context of their environment.”

Showpad noted that the new features allow potential buyers to interact with digital 3D models of complex products, like robotic arms or medical equipment. Vendors can offer 3D models of their entire product catalogues, the company noted.

“Our augmented reality functionality delivers the buyer experience of the future it’s visual, interactive and immersive,” said Showpad CEO and Co-founder Pieterjan Bouten in another statement. “We’re empowering salespeople to not only tell buyers about their products, but also to virtually engage with them for a deeper level of understanding. We’re excited to be the first to deliver this functionality to the sales-enablement industry and support our customers as they compete in the digital world.”

Showpad noted in its announcement that Harvard Business Review estimates AR spending will reach $60 billion in 2020.


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