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Xerox Tapped To Operate Basware’s Scan-And-Capture Operations

Electronic invoicing company Basware has selected Xerox to operate its scan-and-capture operations across more than 28 countries, totaling 24 million invoices per year. Xerox will provide a quick and cost-effective solution for over 400 global Basware customers needing to process paper and email invoices.

Vesa Tykkyläinen, CEO of Basware Corporation, said in a press release,“We want to help customers simplify their operations, spend smarter and make all of our customers’ purchasing processes digital. This partnership is another strong example of how we increase operational focus and execute our strategy. Our focus is firmly on cloud growth and building a scalable global business. We selected Xerox because they deliver best-in-class technology and service in the document-capture field, have multilingual capability and also share our values for building a strong partner ecosystem.”

Through the partnership, customers will be able to access the world’s largest eInvoicing network and scan-and-capture global capability from Xerox.

“The combined strengths of Basware and Xerox bring to life our commitment to enabling physical-to-digital transformation,” said Hervé Tessler, president of International Operations at Xerox. “Basware and Xerox pursue the same objectives in delivering the best service to their customers and to support client growth through innovation.”

This is only the latest way Basware is trying to make eInvoicing easier for its clients. Earlier this year, the company announced it was teaming up with bill payment company AcceptEasy to facilitate eInvoice presentment and payment acceptance for joint customers.

“Businesses send invoices to lots of consumer[s] and small business customers,” said Basware Senior Vice President of Network and Financing Services Mikko Pilkama. “These invoices can represent a high percentage of the total volume of invoice flow, and it is financially beneficial for the company if they are paid easily and quickly.”

The executive added that Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services have deployed the joint solution, using it to send invoices and receive payments in a unified platform.


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