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BELLIN Works With Deutsche Bank On Instant Payments

BELLIN works with Deutsche Bank on instant payments

BELLIN announced that it has successfully integrated support for SEPA real-time payments into its software solutions, with the help of Deutsche Bank.

The integration complies with the specifications of the German Banking Industry Committee, and enables all corporate customers of banks offering this type of service to carry out real-time payments as a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer via the EBICS channel using BELLIN’s treasury management system. The company was able to successfully test the service with Deutsche Bank.

After processing the payment, the bank is also able to provide a report documenting the credit to the recipient, which BELLIN displays immediately. The company currently has 500 clients and over 80,000 users worldwide.

“Real-time payments and status information in the system using SEPA Instant Credit Transfer represent a real leap in corporate payments, creating new scope for treasurers and increasing transparency and visibility,” Karsten Kiefer, product manager solution management at Bellin, said in a press release. “We are very quick at integrating new technologies that offer added value to treasury into our applications. We involve our clients in the developments and give them the option of choosing the type of payment processing that works for them.”

At the beginning of the year, SWIFT revealed that it was expanding its gpi for Corporates (g4C) initiative, and added BELLIN to its roster of early adopters of the tool. More than 280 banks across more than 200 countries are slated to launch their g4C operations in the future.

“BELLIN and SWIFT share a passion for technology and the development of services that are inspired by customer requirements,” Kiefer said at the time in a statement. “With some of our customers piloting the solution, we’re proud to make it available to all of our 150 BELLIN SWIFT Service customers soon, enabling them to process payments as SWIFT gpi payments: fast, traceable and transparent.”


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