Alviere Debuts The HIVE To Let Firms Offer Financial Services

Alviere Debuts The HIVE To Let Firms Offer Financial Services

To let companies provide financial services to their customers, Alviere has rolled out a ready-to-use technology platform called The HIVE. The FinTech, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and Cleveland, Ohio, said that the offering lets any company provide financial services fast and effectively, according to an announcement.

“We know from our own experience the pain it takes to get a financial service to market, so we launched Alviere and The HIVE to help companies like us to alleviate the pain,” Alviere Co-Founder and CEO Yuval Brisker said in the announcement. “We’re excited to announce the launch of The HIVE, which is the most advanced and complete Financial Services as a Platform … on the market today.”

The HIVE, which Alviere described as a “comprehensive technology suite,” was created to a central location for all sorts of financial offerings. A strong ledger, along with identity management and fraud protection based on artificial intelligence (AI), fuels the HIVE, according to the announcement.

Companies can roll out financial products and services under their own names through application programming interface (API) access, as they also harness Alviere’s financial knowledge and relationships. They can select offerings such as multicurrency, international payments as well as business intelligence and analytics.

Alviere cited the scenario of a gaming platform that seeks to let users load as well as keep funds in-house and have the ability to withdraw them instantly as an example of the kind of company that might seek simplified or alternative methods to provide financial services.

The company said the technology can be put into place in the United States and Canada, and it “will be expanding by year-end.”

The news comes as Standard Chartered rolled out its nexus “Banking as a Service” solution that will let digital shopping sites, online platforms, ridesharing firms, and social media properties provide loans, credit cards and savings accounts with their own brands, per news in March.