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Biller Genie Adds New Invoicing Features, Including Apple Pay Integration

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Accounts receivable automation and eInvoice company Biller Genie has updated its service and added support for popular payment tools as well as emerging ones, to allow for faster invoicing, according to a release.  

Businesses that use Biller Genie can now collect payments with new templates for invoices, send invoices through traditional mail and set up payment plans, as well as use Apple Pay.

“Unpaid or past-due invoices can easily be the breaking point for businesses, but it’s an issue that can be mitigated by automating the AR process,” said Thomas Aronica, CEO and founder of Biller Genie. “For this reason, we are constantly evaluating how we can enhance the Biller Genie platform with additional features that further eliminate busy work for business owners, ultimately helping them clear outstanding balances and stay current with their accounts.”

Biller Genie automates normal workflow procedures, no matter how an invoice is generated. It also takes care of the sending, reminding, collecting and reconciling of invoices. 

With Apple Pay, one of the most popular mobile payment services, Biller Genie offers a one-click payment solution.

Biller Genie’s invoice templates are customizable and can use subscriber’s own logos and colors. Users can pick between four different styles, allowing businesses to pick a look that best represents them. 

If a company requires a printed invoice, there’s a paper mail option that will auto print, stuff, post and mail the invoice. Also, large invoices can be broken up into smaller pieces on a payment plan, and the payments are auto collected and reconciled in real time.

The company is based in Miami, Fla. and it was named to the Money20/20 Start-Up Academy. It was also a recipient of the Electronic Payment Association’s NexTen Award and the CPA Practice Advisor’s Technology Innovation Award. Biller Genie recently hired Garima Shah as company president.



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