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ReloQuest Expands On-Demand Business Travel Housing Tool

ReloQuest has added new features for RQ PRO

Temporary housing solution ReloQuest’s new RQ PRO automated platform aims to boost the company’s ability to offer temporary business housing with a host of new features and options, according to a press release.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the company said the technology will be a valuable asset for companies looking to stay on the safe side.

According to the press release, RQ PRO offers a completely mobile-centric experience that can be accessed from anywhere, enhancing the company’s capabilities for temporary housing.

It offers a “Direct Connect” feature that the company said is good for allowing employees to support one another and do their jobs as normal. The feature allows clients to coordinate relocations in a complete manner, displaying actions in real time and showing alerts and reference points on a dashboard to help with the process.

Employees can look at details of reservations, including welcome information and notices to vacate, and they will have the ability to leave reviews of the property.

With the “Multi Reservation” feature, RQ PRO will let employers know if employees are satisfied with their mobile work situations.

RQ PRO offers “complete spend visibility,” with savings up to 35 percent. According to the release, there is centralized billing and transparency in who is providing temporary living quarters. The pricing transparency of the program eliminates pricey multiple-layering of listings.

With the current pandemic crisis, rental housing has taken a hit. Airbnb, for example, has had its hosts turning to long-term options as renters have dramatically reduced their travel plans to contain the viral spread. But medical workers may have a rising need for the service as treatment becomes necessary everywhere. The company said it is going to provide free or subsidized housing for coronavirus responders and plans to help around 100,000 workers.



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