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TravelBank Launches WFH Expense Management Tool

TravelBank has introduced a Work From Home program

TravelBank’s new Work From Home platform will allow businesses to set expenses and figure out logistics for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release.

The expense management company said the program is intended to help set clear expectations for what employees can and can’t expense while working from home.

The program will incorporate questions about groceries, home internet, virtual fitness classes, and ergonomic desk chairs, among other items, in terms of what employees will be able to use company money to pay for.

TravelBank is also adding a new Work From Home category to its Marketplace, which will feature deals with new partner companies like Aaptiv, Calm, FitTrack, Krisp, Skyroam, Sonos, and UrbanStems, which are offering some resources employees could use for working from home, the release stated.

Companies using TravelBank have access to the company’s tools to automate expense reports, provide detailed insights into what is being spent, and optimize approvals with one tap. Also, multi-level approval workflows can be implemented to help keep the stress off those in charge of the systems.

TravelBank also offers deals to help reduce company spending with a bundle with its travel management product, and various resources to help with implementing the software, both available on the company’s website.

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated that public spaces, such as work offices, be closed to prevent further spreading of the virus. Thus, people who haven’t been laid off or furloughed by the economic fallout have largely been working from home. Facebook announced that it would be suspending all large gatherings of its own until June of next year.

Because of this, the need for video conferencing has skyrocketed, and delivery has become a much-coveted thing, with app companies like Uber and Lyft doing their part to deliver groceries and essentials to people who can't go outside during the pandemic.



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