Chaser, FreshBooks Team On Automatic Invoice Payments

Global credit control automation platform Chaser will now be able to get automation tasks for invoices and accounts receivable (AR) done quicker, according to a press release.

The partnership comes with an integration with small to midsize business (SMB) accounting software FreshBooks, the release says.

The integration will allow Chaser to carry out payments in an automated way, with benefits like new cloud-to-cloud integration between the two companies, and automated and personalized invoice payments.

With the new bilateral sync between the companies, it’s ensured that the paid invoices aren’t chased — and with the reduced credit control and accounts receivable, the level of errors is cut down.

The release also says Chaser makes it easier to track down overdue or outstanding payments by allowing all that data to be seen in one place. And in particularly elusive cases, invoices can then be sent directly to Chaser’s debt collection service, and invoice reminders can then come with things like a payment portal or a ‘Pay Now’ button.

“Both Chaser and FreshBooks are intuitive platforms which makes them very easy to use,” Sonia Dorais, CEO of Chaser, has said. “Running a small business can be overwhelming at times as you don’t always have the support and staff that larger companies have. We felt that this integration would offer FreshBooks’ users many features and readily-available customer service to take some of this pressure away, especially with accounts receivables.”

Dorais told PYMNTS recently that the problem of late payments might often be solved by more personalized ways of looking at them. Some SMBs might not even be aware their payments are late.

Instead, these situations give accounts receivable departments tough challenges. She said they need to look at how to get invoices paid without damaging customer relations, which could include looking into each customer’s needs, including payment plans and other such tools.