Today in B2B: CFOs Prep For Crypto; Coupa Launches Japan Joint Venture

Today in B2B payments, Tenio’s new CFO discusses cryptocurrency, and Coupa launches a joint venture in Japan. Plus, PrimePay discusses the business intelligence of payroll, Metro Bank debuts mobile invoicing, and Xero partners with Apex HCM.

CFOs Prepare For Their Crypto Education

Transforming Payroll Into A Business Intelligence Powerhouse

Automation technology has made it possible for employers to run payroll more frequently with less burden. But other changes in the workforce are adding new pressures on the payroll department to modernize and address shifting employee needs. Speaking with PYMNTS, PrimePay CEO John LaMancuso discussed how employers can overcome some of the newest payroll pain points emerging from a quickly evolving landscape, and described why businesses have a greater opportunity than ever before to take advantage of payroll data that can fuel growth.

Coupa, Japan Cloud Team On Business Spend Management

Metro Bank Debuts On-The-Go Invoicing

Metro Bank has rolled out new invoicing technology allowing business customers to create and manage invoices on the go via the bank’s mobile app, according to a press release. The technology is intended to “make customers’ lives easier whilst helping them to better manage cash flows,” the release stated. It will let customers create, track and manage invoices on the app. They’ll be able to access lists of previous clients saved, as well as the products and services they provide.

Apex HCM Joins With Xero To Boost Corporate Payroll

Apex HCM will be integrating with small business accounting platform Xero along with national accounting firm Carr, Riggs, and Ingram CPAs and Advisors (CRI), according to a press release. The partnership will work to provide payroll service bureaus an enhanced general ledger (GL) integration experience and capabilities for accounting firms nationwide, the release stated. “Payroll and accounting services just go better together,” said Apex HCM CEO Robert Digby in the release.