CO-OP Financial Brings More Personalization To ATMs

In an effort to help credit unions provide digital-first services to consumers, CO-OP Financial Services announced news on Thursday (April 12) that it is launching enhancements to its ATM Terminal Driving solution, including new personalization capabilities and upgraded hardware and software support.

In a press release, the company said that as consumers embrace digital services, being able to personalize their experiences has become more important. These digital consumers appreciate speed and prefer doing business with brands that understand what they want. CO-OP Financial Services said it’s meeting that demand with more options for credit unions to configure preferences at the ATM. Credit union members who visit a CO-OP ATM managed via a CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving can set default fast cash withdrawals, language preferences and whether or not they want a paper receipt. After setting the preferences, the credit union member will not be prompted again for those selections.

“To integrate legacy networks into the increasingly digital business of serving members, it’s important to reexamine what modern members need from these channels and how they are evolving their use of them,” said Kathy Snider, SVP with CO-OP in a press release announcing its enhancements. “The enhancements to CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving are designed to deepen member engagement and increase the transactions and revenues credit unions can realize from the digitally transforming ATM channel,” Snider said, noting that digital-first consumers are used to highly personalized, predictive and seamless experiences that blend both the digital and physical worlds. “We are optimizing the ATM channel with a digital mindset to transform everyday banking tasks,” she said.

In addition to configuring ATM preferences, the company said it is continuing to invest in supporting the newest and most advanced ATM hardware and software that is available in the market. It’s also launching a new web-based ATM management solution that replaces old technology and helps more credit unions realize back-office efficiencies that are measurable.