Today in FinTech: Synctera Boosts Liftoff Program to Help FinTechs Launch Products Faster

Today in FinTech

In today’s FinTech news, partnership banking platform Synctera updated its Liftoff program to help FinTechs partner up with banks and rollout products faster. Meanwhile, GreenBox POS will soon launch its first Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) initiative following a licensing partnership with Cross River Bank.

Additionally, Webster Financial Corporation is about to finalize a deal with health savings accounts cloud platform Bend Financial, using Bend’s connected user experience technology for a better overall customer experience.

Synctera Hopes New Tool Will Help FinTechs ‘Liftoff’

Synctera’s newly-improved Liftoff program was enhanced to make it easier for FinTechs to partner with banks and introduce new products faster. Early-stage FinTechs are in the position of needing banking partners to power their services, a process that can be drawn out and filed with details.

Liftoff works to make FinTech’s journey to market quicker and easier without the need for in-depth contractual obligations or due diligence overhead by connecting them with community banks.

GreenBox Forms BaaS Partnership With Cross River

Payments solutions company GreenBox POS has teamed up with Cross River Bank in a licensing partnership that will enable GreenBox to introduce its first Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) initiative.

GreenBox plans to leverage all Cross River’s features to further its BaaS platform and help businesses reduce their reliance on multiple financial platforms.

Webster Bank Close to Snapping up HSA Platform Bend Financial

Webster Financial Corporation is expanding further into health savings accounts (HSA) and will soon close a deal to acquire Bend Financial, a cloud platform for HSA. Webster is the holding company for Webster Bank and HSA Bank.

Bend’s “personalized and connected user experience” will eventually transition to HSA Bank consumers. Webster acquired HSA Bank in 2015, and Webster said Bend’s cloud-native technology and user-centered design will deliver a simplified and modern approach to HSA management and engagement.