Deliv To Offer Same-Day Delivery To Shopify Customers

Deliv, the delivery startup that enables retailers to provide same-day delivery, is now enabling Shopify retailers to offer its customers same-day delivery.

According to news from TechCrunch, citing comments Deliv Chief Executive Officer Daphne Carmeli made in an interview, through a partnership with Zapiet, which is a store pickup and local delivery plug-in for Shopify, Deliv can now offer the service.

A couple of months ago, Deliv launched Deliv Rx, which provides same-day delivery of prescription drugs. Deliv Rx generates revenue by charging a delivery fee that is negotiated upfront. The pharmacy then decides what it wants to charge customers for the delivery to gain back the fee it paid to Deliv Rx. The pharmacies will also be able to choose delivery windows within a one- to three-hour range.

TechCrunch noted that there is a big market for same-day delivery of prescription drugs. It was predicted that customers would spend $360.1 billion on prescription medicine in 2017, a number which is projected to reach $610 billion by 2021, Deliv said in the report.

“Part of our business model is we are an assets-free logistics company,” Deliv’s Carmeli told TechCrunch. “When it comes to storage, the retailers are one place of where storage is.” For retailers that don’t have their own storage, Deliv will partner with third-party players such as Darkstore, which is an on-demand fulfillment startup, as well as others. It also relies on 1099 contractors to make the deliveries and is now available in 35 markets. Deliv has a network of tens of thousands of delivery drivers, noted TechCrunch.

“If you think about us in the world of driving, think of us as the airport shuttle versus the taxi,” Carmeli said. “By definition, if we’re focused on scheduled deliveries, our focus and technology is about adding as many stops to our routes as possible.”