DoorDash, Revention Partner For Last-Mile Restaurant Deliveries

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Restaurant management app Revention is teaming with on-demand logistics platform DoorDash to help restaurateurs streamline delivery operations, Revention said in a press release on Tuesday (Aug. 20). 

The new endeavor will help eateries accommodate busy time periods and unexpected rushes, as well as downtime and expanded service. The partnership wants to build out restaurants’ operational efficiencies and eventually include supply fulfillment and last-mile logistics.

“The combination of our industry-leading POS and mobile and online ordering solution with the integration of DoorDash uniquely positions us to provide a scalable and comprehensive solution from the order to the customer’s front door,” said Revention Vice President of Products and Marketing Rahul Bakshi. “Whether you are an independent operator or a national franchise, we are offering businesses a solution to grow more efficiently.”

Revention is the industry leader in restaurant point of sale (POS) and online ordering, optimizing the ordering process unique to delivery operations. With DoorDash, restaurateurs can deliver food to more customers faster.

“We share in Revention’s commitment to empower local businesses by providing them with on-demand access to DoorDash’s strong logistics platform,” said DoorDash Vice President of Drive Casey North. “This partnership will enable us to further offer scalable, quality services that will help restaurants build their brand, engage their customer base, and increase sales outside their four walls.”

DoorDash is aggressively working on expansion efforts, securing a $400 million credit line earlier this month ahead of its anticipated initial public offering (IPO). With a current valuation of $12.6 billion, the San Francisco startup raised $535 million last year in March followed by a $250 million round in August 2018 and a $600 million Series G in May. The company was founded in 2013 by Stanford University students Andy Fang, Evan Moore, Stanley Tang and Tony Xu.

The company also closed a deal earlier this month to buy Caviar, Square Inc.’s food-delivery service. The deal is meant to bolster both companies’ commitment to specialized merchant selection and will add Caviar’s premium restaurants to the DoorDash platform. DoorDash said it will help drive growth for these restaurants and cater to all food preferences and occasions.