BestRx Offering Its Local Pharmacies More Delivery Options With STAT Integration

BestRx, STAT

Independent pharmacy solution platform BestRx is integrating with STAT to offer a full suite of on-demand and overnight delivery services for independent drugstores, including flat-rate pricing.

“BestRx understands how important it is for pharmacies to be able to deliver vital prescriptions quickly and efficiently to their patients — and to have a delivery provider they trust,” Hemal Desai, president of BestRx, said in a press release on Tuesday (Dec. 28).

“By partnering with STAT Overnight Delivery, pharmacies have access to HIPAA-certified drivers that are available around the clock and can leverage their existing BestRx software to easily automate, manage and track their deliveries in real-time,” Desai said.

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With the STAT integration, BestRx local pharmacy clients can access “courier-level responsiveness and speed.” STAT offers 24-hour delivery services as well as delivery in an hour, in addition to a streamlined delivery process that taps technology for a positive user experience.

Aside from quick, reliable, and affordable delivery services, the release notes that STAT Overnight places high importance on customer service and the patients receiving delivery.

As such, it offers real-time GPS tracking, automated signature capture and SMS updates, enabling both pharmacies and patients to easily track orders throughout delivery, reducing the number of phone calls pharmacies field regarding delivery.

“STAT Overnight has an aggressive approach to software innovation, and we are always looking to leverage technology to make our customers experience better,” Jimmy Parker, CEO of STAT Overnight Deliveries, said in the release.

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Founded in 1985, BestRx strives to offer independent pharmacies the necessary tools for efficiency and profits. The release notes that the platform is intuitive and easy to use with continued innovations and new integrations.

STAT Overnight Deliveries was founded in 2012 and is among the fastest-growing medical couriers in the U.S. The company offers flexible and fast overnight and courier delivery services.