Capsule Looks To Build An On-Demand Pharmacy

There is little worse in life than being sick — and most of the things that are worse usually involve being sick and doing something else. Being sick and going to work, being sick and driving someplace far, being sick and waiting in line.

And while the team at Capsule can’t do much to net one a more lenient sick leave policy from work or make their commute any easier, they can at least do something to solve that last problem by making waiting in the pharmacy line to get those sweet, sweet antibiotics a thing of the past.

Instead, the New York City delivery service is happy to drop those meds off right at your door.

The system works by allowing customers to request their doctors fill out prescriptions for the capsule pharmacy instead of at one of the real-world’s equivalents. Capsule itself is tied into all electronic medical systems, so theoretically this shouldn’t be any extra work on the part of the doctor. The customer then logs into their Capsule account (on Web or iOS) and designates a time and place for the medicine to be dropped off.

But Capsule does more than just provide meds; it also has 24-hour live chat via SMS or email to answer questions that consumers might normally ask their pharmacist.

There is no extra charge for using Capsule or having your medication delivered. The firm has just closed up a seed round (for an undetermined amount) led by Thrive.


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