eCommerce Launches Online Marketplace That Pays Consumers For Data

Merchants pay consumers in crypto for data announced that it has launched an eCommerce marketplace where merchants compensate consumers for their time and data.

As a deep technology company with extensive intellectual property, including nine U.S. database-optimization patents, has created a global cryptocurrency (ASK) that enables consumer engagement. Instead of businesses paying Internet giants to reach consumers, they are able to compensate the customers directly with ASK.

The Permission Marketplace operates like other major eCommerce platforms, connecting users with products from major retailers. But with Permission, consumers experience interruption-free shopping, gain easy entry into the crypto space, and earn ASK for each purchase made, advertisement viewed, review shared and other interactions within the platform.

In addition, merchants can adopt permission-based marketing methods and dialogue directly with consumers, which will lead to a boost in return on investment (ROI). Users are also compensated for their time and for the data that they share and control.

“The Permission Marketplace is the first of many applications for ASK,” Charles Silver, CEO of, said in a press release. “As the world of digital commerce grows and evolves, the trends of interruption, data centralization and exploitation are giving way to decentralization and permission. The biggest companies in the world have been built by interrupting us and extracting our data without asking permission. ASK fuels a new kind of economy, one that recognizes and properly compensates an individual for the most precious commodities of all — their time and data.”

This is’s first use case for earning ASK and for creating an ecosystem for merchants and consumers to do business on a permission basis. The model can be expanded into recruiting, surveys, dating, gaming, email marketing and community building.

The eCommerce platform currently has more than 300,000 active ASK wallets while in beta.


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