GameStop Opens NFT, Web3 Opportunities 

Gamestop, NFT, Web3 jobs

GameStop, the world’s largest video game retailer, appears ready to take on the ever-evolving internet as it seeks to fill a number of positions for its non-fungible token (NFT) platform and Web3 gaming, according to a Tuesday (Oct. 26) report from Business Insider.  

Among the 6,916 current job openings the company has posted on its website, eight new openings posted this week include product marketing directors for GameStop’s NFT platform, as well as NFT software engineers and Web3 gaming heads.

Future creators won’t just build games but also the components, characters and equipment,” reads the summary of the Head of Web3 Gaming job listing. “Blockchains will power the commerce underneath. An ideal candidate will have experience across several domains in gaming, content creation, partnerships, game design/development/mechanics, and a general understanding and experience with Ethereum, NFTs and blockchain based gaming platforms.” 

The Grapevine, Texas-based company is also making strides in its supply chain as it seeks to hire a senior software engineer tasked with supply chain technology, according to GameStop’s website. This employee would be responsible for getting physical and digital products to customers fast and efficiently, according to the website.  

GameStop’s internet-focused trajectory follows last month’s announcement that the retailer was zeroing in on eCommerce and fulfillment after bringing on Amazon veterans Matt Furlong and Mike Recupero to serve as the company’s CEO and CFO, respectively, according to PYMNTS.  

While GameStop has said it is committed to ramping up its eCommerce efforts, physical stores and fulfillment centers are front of mind for the company that began with only 30 locations. As of January, GameStop was operating 4,800 stores worldwide, with the majority — 3,192 — in the U.S. 

Last year, GameStop shuttered 462 stores and then closed more than 1,000 retail outlets in March as the company transitioned to eCommerce.  

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As part of its focus on digital assets, GameStop debuted a website this spring called GameStop NFT and announced its intent to hire staff to create a platform for the tokens.