Best Buy Launches Platform for Prescription-Based Medical Devices

Best Buy store

Best Buy has added a new platform to support its expansion into prescription health and wellness technology products. 

The new online experience enables eligible customers to buy continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGMs), according to a Wednesday (Jan. 10) press release issued by Stripe, which is providing the payments infrastructure for Best Buy’s new platform. 

“Stripe is thrilled to accelerate the expansion of Best Buy’s health and wellness category as they sell prescription based medical devices for the first time,” Eileen O’Mara, chief revenue officer at Stripe, said in the release. 

Best Buy announced in October that it would soon be offering prescription CGMs on its new platform and delivering them to customers’ homes. 

This new offering supports the 10% of Americans who have diabetes, according to the announcement. 

“Through our health and wellness categories at Best Buy, we make it easy to purchase any of our thousands of carefully curated technology products that help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life,” the retailer said in its announcement. “And with the new CGM offering, we’re making the process of purchasing a CGM easier, too.” 

The addition of CGMs to Best Buy’s product lineup marked the first time that the retailer began offering prescription-based medical devices to its customers, the company said in a December press release highlighting Best Buy Health’s accomplishments in 2023. 

“And 2023 was just the beginning,” Best Buy said in the release. “Best Buy Health is leading the charge in shaping a future of care at home where innovative health technologies are seamlessly integrated into our homes, revolutionizing the way we approach and experience healthcare.” 

The retailer announced in March that it was deploying “specially trained Geek Squad Agents” to assist with logistics, installation and tech support for home health tech

Stripe’s financial infrastructure platform for businesses helped Best Buy integrate payments into its new platform, enabling it to go to market sooner, according to the Wednesday press release. 

The financial infrastructure provider supplies tools that maximize payment authorizations and help businesses generate additional revenue by declining fewer legitimate charges, the release said.