Airbnb Raises $850 Million In Capital

In the latest round of fundraising, Airbnb is grabbing $850 million from a consortium of investors, which would give the property sharing giant a $30 billion valuation. The total raised to date by the firm stands at $3.2 billion.

As USA Today reported, the capital push brings Airbnb to a level that is second to only one company, Uber, which, at the time of this writing, is worth $68 billion. The newest capital raise by Airbnb is to be earmarked for expansion, both physically and in the breadth of services offered.

The news of the latest capital addition came via corporate filings with the state of Delaware. The most recent fundraising came over a year ago, wherein a $1.6 billion capital raise implied a $25 billion valuation. That tally came from the reporting of Equidate, which provides financial details on other privately held companies.

USA Today said that Airbnb has been striving to broaden its horizons, and among notable events has been moving ahead with Samara, an in-house think tank, which has debuted Cedar House, a Japan-based model home, standing as a combination of dorm and community center, with a hint that, according to the publication, the rental company could want to make the leap into the hotel industry. At the moment, there could be bumps looming for the core business, as the firm might have to contend with the banning of online advertising of rentals, at least in New York.



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