PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Airbnb Second Only To Uber In Valuation

Airbnb’s last investment round pales in comparison to the most recent round; a group of investors pushed Airbnb to a market cap that is second only to Uber, which is currently worth $68 billion. Airbnb plans to use the raised capital for physical expansion and to broaden its range of services.

The unique accommodation website seems boundaryless as it develops Samara, an internal think tank, and a Japan-based model home called Cedar House, which is a type of community dorm. The company may also be considering taking on the hotel sector as it faces a ban on rental advertisements in New York, which could affect business. A future IPO announcement seems less likely when the company can raise private funds with such ease.

Here are the numbers:

$850 million | The amount recently raised from private investors

$30 billion | Airbnb’s latest valuation

$25 billion | Airbnb’s valuation a year ago

$3.2 billion | The total amount raised to date by Airbnb

$1.6 billion | The amount raised over a year ago in the last round of funding

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