Some Deal-Making In Unicornland

unicorn technology startups

Amid the earnings reports that are just getting started among publicly traded companies, in privately held Unicornland, activity is stirring, too, most notably on the deal-making front.

In one notable takeout in Unicornland, Delivery Hero said it will be selling part of its operations, the U.K. branch known as hungryhouse, to Just Eat for about $248 million. That latter firm could pay another $50 million based on milestones.

Separately, in the ever-shifting and continuous battle for eCommerce dominance in India, Flipkart said it would invest $2 million in Tinystep, a social network platform focused on parenting. Baby care, Flipkart has noted, is a $50 billion industry.

In investment activity writ large in Asia, Chinese property developer Sunac China Holdings said it would pay $376 million for a 6.25 percent stake in Chinese online real estate agency Lianjia, known for using Big Data in its own operations.

Zenefits was reported to be introducing a paid tier for its human resources (HR) offerings, a departure from its traditional model. The paid part, Buzzfeed noted, will come as part of HR One, a bundled service offering.

The goal, management told the site, would be to bring Zenefits closer to a subscription-as-a-service company.

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